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Advent of Code 2020

This blog will be updated every day to show you my solutions for aoc-2020.


Day 01

[part 01 - part 02]

part 01 ⭐

The first part of day one is a two-sum problem needs to get the multiply of two entries that sum to 2020

The naive solution you can do two loops and make a condition whenever the two numbers sum to 2020 break the loop and return the value.

function p1(input) {
  for (let i = 0; i < input.length; i++)
    for (let j = 0; j < input.length; j++)
      if (input[i] + input[j] === 2020) return input[i] * input[j];

This solution will take O(n^2) time complexity for each element.

We can enhance our solution by using Map data structure and only one loop

function p1(input) {
  const map = new Map();
  for (let i = 0; i < input.length; i++) {
    const complement = 2020 - input[i];
    if (map.has(complement)) return input[map.get(complement)] * input[i];

    map.set(input[i], i);

this solution will take O(n) time complexity by traverse the list containing n element only once.

part 02 ⭐

The difference in the part two that we need to get the multiply for three numbers that sum to 2020

We can use the same naive solution by using brute force with three loops.

function p2(input) {
  for (let i = 0; i < input.length; i++)
    for (let j = 0; j < input.length; j++)
      for (let k = 0; k < input.length; k++)
        if (input[i] + input[j] + input[k] === 2020)
          return input[i] * input[j] * input[k];

Day 02

[part 01 - part 02]

part 01 ⭐

We have a list of passwords with validation rules, So we should validate each password and submit the total number of valid passwords.

1-3 a: abcde
1-3 b: cdefg
2-9 c: ccccccccc

First, let’s create an parser to extract information from each line.

const getPasswordsList = () =>
  readFileSync(path.resolve(__dirname, 'input.txt'), 'utf8')
    .map((i) => i.split(/[-,:,\s]+/));

We read the input.txt file and convert it into an array by split each line using .split(\n) then we will use regex to extract min, max, target, and password on each line by using multi separator: -, :, and \s for space.

If you interred to learn more about split with regex I highly recommend to watch Regular Expressions: split() - Programming with Text video.

Now we are ready to write the validator function:

function getValidPasswordsP1(passwords) {
  return passwords.reduce((ans, [min, max, letter, password]) => {
    const count = password.match(new RegExp(letter, 'g'))?.length;
    return count >= +min && count <= +max ? ++ans : ans;
  }, 0);

part 02 ⭐

Actually the part two is a lot easier than the part one it assume the first two numbers are the positions for the target letter to only occurs in one of them.

function getValidPasswordsP2(passwords) {
  return passwords.reduce((ans, [pos1, pos2, letter, password]) => {
    return (password.charAt(+pos1 - 1) === letter) ^
      (password.charAt(+pos2 - 1) === letter)
      ? ++ans
      : ans;
  }, 0);

Use the bitwise XOR to make sure it only occurs in only exact one position. you can check the MDN reference.